If this blog disappears again

Look for me at heliogenic.wordpress.com. (Sorry to be paranoid, but after recent events you’ll excuse me.)


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  1. Alec Rawls Says:

    I've had it happen to all of my Blogger blogs. They say they are looking for spam blogs, which I would think would mean machine generated blogs and posts, so why they would look at long established blogs is beyond me. It is also strange that they feel compelled to disable blogs while taking a human look at them. Again, this is especially nonsensical for long established blogs.But the humans correctly identified all of my blogs as real blogs, so in the end it wasn't much of a price to pay for Google's free blogging service. It just is strange that they would go around giving gratuitious electroshock therapy to so many clients. They earn a lot of goodwill by providing Blogger, then undermine it with such alarming behavior.I under stand why they wanted to verify my Closing Ceremony Orgasm Blog, but it is 100% straight reporting on one of the most amazing) missed stories of the last decade.Why they flagged my Error Theory blog, where I do things like expose the omitted variable fraud perpetrated by the IPCC, is a mystery.

  2. ytba Says:

    Got it!

  3. αμμοδύτης Says:

    I was thinking about it over the weekend… will you be backing this up? or should I start copying furiously?Happy New Year

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