Warmists created Third World anger

“Once again the “rich countries” have managed to yank prosperity away from the Third World. And at Christmas too.

We’d promised them billions of unearned dollars in guilt payments for something called “global warming.” They don’t pay that much attention to thermometers, and weather is something they mostly live with rather than forecast.

  • But we ourselves had warned them their islands were about to sink beneath the waves. It hasn’t happened yet, but the computer models say it will be so.
  • We warned them their food crops would begin to fail—though crop yields around the earth have so far continued to increase.
  • We told them that wild species like the polar bear would go extinct—if not yet then sometime soon.

“The heaviest burden of global warming will fall on the poorest countries,” said the best and brightest of our thinkers and climate modelers. “We must pay billions to the third world to finance greener energy systems so they won’t burn coal or kerosene.”

Then, at Copenhagen—the “last chance” for humans to save the world—we decided not to save it. Can we blame the Third World for being angry and mystified?” “Copenhagen dashes 3rd world expectations


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