2 degree tipping point?

“Until now, many scientists believed the prominence of the Sierra Nevada developed more recently, with rapid “uplift” over the past 20 million years. In this new study, the team has shown the mountain range was in fact just as tall as far back as 50 million years ago as it is today. They also discovered the region was 6-8 degrees Celsius warmer than today, consistent with other evidence for a globally warmer, ice-free Earth at that time.” “Fossil Leaves Depict Warm, High Sierra Nevada Mountains in Ancient Past

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  1. papertiger Says:

    Yeah JB, at the KQED Climate Watch blog, their current post Western lakes warming up rapidly features a comment (#16) from Geoffrey Schladow, the TERC director who co-authored the study.

    And I believe he has contradicted himself with regard to Lake Tahoe. Within the body of the report he is quoted, “The significance of this study is that across the western United States these very different lakes are displaying signs of warming. It’s not just a Tahoe issue, it’s a regional issue. And in all likelihood, it’s a global issue,” Schladow says.

    I point out that these lakes are all sources for regional muni water uses being stressed that way, and are all currently suffering from extended periods of drought.

    Then in comment 16 Schladow points out special circumstances regarding Lake Tahoe that make it a unique case afterall, completely reversing his conclusions in the study.

    “As to the impact of lake level and drought, this is really irrelevant for the case of Lake Tahoe. With a 600 year average residence time, an average inflow year bring in less than 0.2% of the water in the lake (regardless of level). Furthermore the stream inflows generally plunge down below the water surface as they are colder and denser. Finally, the surface of the lake will equilibrate with the atmosphere heat balance very quickly.”

    At least that’s the way I read it.

  2. papertiger Says:

    Oops. I wiffed it. That link won’t mean a thing to you because I saw the word Sierra and just jumped to conclusions. Ah what the hell.

    Hey, is this going to be your permannent site? I’m startn a heliogenic sub folder for my favorites collumn.

  3. jblethen Says:

    Yes Paper, this is my permanent site. I bought and paid for it, ‘got tired of being deleted by Blogger.

  4. papertiger Says:

    Excellent. About that, what sort of contract did you get? Is it a standard op for bloghosts to charge a variable rate based on traffic generated by the site?

    See the thing is Jo Nova got a huge spike in December, and is being charged a small fortune for her trouble.
    I’ve already experienced the loss of one of my favorite Aussie climate blogsters due to economics with the partial shutdown of Jen Marohasy.

    If they charge by the mileage at one place, maybe there’s another place that charges by the gallon, so to speak?

  5. jblethen Says:

    This site is hosted by bluehost.com, it’s about $7/mo. I don’t know if there is a volumn charge, I didn’t read the fine print. Also don’t know what the hosting industry standard is.

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