U.S. energy facts and "energy independence"

“Regarding foreign oil, it’s worth noting that the senators do not bother to explain how the oil that comes from such notoriously belligerent terrorist havens as Canada and Mexico – which together provide nearly 30% of US oil imports – poses a threat to American security.  …

According to the Energy Information Administration, just 18% of our oil imports come from the Persian Gulf.

The US produces 74% of all the energy it consumes. The remaining 26% (almost all of which is oil) is imported. And as stated above, only 18% of that 26% comes from the Persian Gulf, Thus, just 4.7% of US primary energy comes from the Persian Gulf.”  “The Persistent Delusion of ”Energy Independence”: Despite the Facts, Democrats, Republicans, and the Neoconservatives Continue To Hype Energy Autarky”  [Prior post on the “energy independence” canard here.]


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