Tear-jerking WWF polar bear pitch

But wait, we’re not done yet! If you act right now we’ll double your order!

“A tragedy is unfolding in the world today.  Climate change is threatening one of the most magnificent wild animals on the planet.

Polar bears – they’re struggling to survive. The ice is melting all around them, and food is becoming harder to find as they lose their hunting grounds.

Climate Change – it’s happening right now. And it’s leaving mothers weaker and unable to provide for their young, and cubs dying without enough to eat

As the struggle and the search for food continues, polar bears are hanging on for survival.

Polar bears are on their way to extinction. If we don’t act now, most will die in our children’s lifetime.

But you can help change that.  Call now and join the wildlife rescue team.  For just $16 a month you’ll be part of the most ambitious effort to save wildlife and wild places the world has ever seen.  …

Call the number on your screen or join online right now and you’ll receive this polar bear photo and an exclusive WWF T-shirt, free, with our thanks.

If we don’t act now it could be too late for the polar bears.

It’s all up to us.  Please call or go online, right now.”  “Noah Wyle PSA Polar Bears


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  1. KDK Says:

    I saw an older advert for donating $$$ to ‘adopt’ a child in a 3rd world country and just shook my head thinking “where are their govs” and “why should WE pay more than we do already with NO way of making sure the ‘food’ get to the children”

    The USA is a debtor nation, I don’t know why (or how) it became that way–oh, yes, the FED and mismanagement–but it IS that way… on paper anyway, as IF that matters.

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