Warmist journo admits his religious beliefs

“Thus far, winter 2009/10 has been quite remarkable for its cold and snow, and not just in the mid-Atlantic. Significant cold air outbreaks and snowstorms have affected large portions of the Northern Hemisphere since December, and they have sparked a burst of media attention on the subject of extreme cold. This poses a challenge for reporters and bloggers such as myself who cover climate change, since cold weather would seem to counter scientific evidence showing that Earth is warming due to human activities.

When covering a heat wave, I would be on solid scientific footing if I were to say that the event is consistent with observations and projections of global climate change.  …

But what about covering the cold and snow?  …

So far this winter, most reporters haven’t been mentioning climate change when covering the unusual cold and snow. To a large extent, the media is reporting the cold weather in a straightforward “it was extremely cold today in x” or “it snowed a ton today in y” manner.  …

The lack of climate change discussion in stories about cold and snow opens the door for skeptics to claim that the press purposely ignores any climate implications of cold weather, but hypes the potential connections between unusual heat and climate change.  …

To some extent, I agree with that line of criticism. It’s absolutely true that extreme heat generates coverage of climate change, whereas extreme cold does not. But where skeptics see a media conspiracy to ignore cooling, I see an effort to accurately [!] communicate climate science to the public. Of course there is a “possibility” that the earth is cooling, but virtually every peer reviewed climate study has shown the opposite to be true [!].”  “Cold weather in a hot climate


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