Congress, end the ethanol scam!

“Imagine driving into a service station. At one pump, conventional gasoline costs $3.25. Right next to it stands a pump with ethanol-blended fuel selling for $5.20. And since you are a savvy fuel buyer you are aware of the fact that numerous studies have shown that the fuel costing $5.20 is worse for the environment — in terms of water quality, water availability, and carbon dioxide emissions — [and far less efficient in miles per gallon] than the fuel costing $3.25.

Given those factors, which fuel would you purchase?

The answer is pretty obvious. And yet thanks to Congressional mandates and subsidies for corn ethanol, the real cost of the ethanol scam has been hidden from taxpayers for years. But a new report by the Baker Institute for Public Policy has underscored some of the more outrageous aspects of the corn ethanol scam. The report, “Fundamentals of a Sustainable US Biofuels Policy,” should be required reading for federal policymakers, particularly given the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed making a decision regarding the breaking of the “blend wall” a move that could allow gasoline producers to use up to 15% ethanol in their gasoline blends. Current regulations limit the blends to no more than 10% ethanol.”  “Yet More Outrages of the Corn Ethanol Scam


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