Even "unadjusted" is adjusted!

“Joseph [D’Aleo] did the leg work to find the real raw data and compare it to the NOAA / NCDC GHCN “UN-adjusted” data. What he finds are that the “UN-adjusted” data are very much adjusted (and some of us would say very much “maladjusted” 😉

Just look at that. Up to 3 whole degrees of F (over 3 in a couple of places) of added “warming trend” via the NOAA / NCDC “unadjusted” adjustments. Heck, even the language you must use to describe what is going on is painful to the ear. But what else to call it? The lable NCDC applies is “unadjusted” so that has to be used to know which data set I’m talking about. The data are clearly changed, so it is adjusted. And we are left with lumpy terms in quotations like – “Unadjusted” adjusted data.

It looks to me like we will need to go all the way back to “first sources” to have any hope of finding out what is really going on in the temperature history of the planet. GHCN “Unadjusted” clearly is too adjusted to be suitable to the task.”  “GHCN – Does “unadjusted” mean cooked?”

Update:  Joe may be mistaken (see comment by Gene Zeien).


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  1. Gene Zeien Says:

    I tried to contact J D’aleo to correct this, but the source he quotes in the original at icecap.us for the unadjusted data is http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/station_data/ That site is clearly labeled “GISS Surface Temperature Analysis”, the homogenized, pasteurized end product. The true raw data, which matches that he obtained from NWS, is available in a hard-to-digest form at ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ghcn/daily in the file ghcnd_all.txt.gz

    Just want to clear this up before the AGW crowd gets a chuckle out of this.

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