Interior kills California farm relief

“A plan that could have brought relief to the drought ravaged central valley was rejected by the Department of Interior. Indolent bureaucrats killed the project so that “experts” could review the scientific underpinnings of the project.  No federal “experts” have provided any suggestions as to how farmers in the Valley are expected to survive.

The proposed solution for sparing the stupid Delta Smelt, a tiny fish prone to suicide, was to construct barriers in river channels in hopes of appeasing environmental bedlamites and spare the Valley from complete decimation.

“The idea is to submerge massive barriers in river channels to prevent the delta smelt from swimming toward certain death at water pumps in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

The experiment, called the ‘Two Gates project, comes up at water rallies and political strategy sessions among San Joaquin Valley lawmakers who support the idea. They hope it will bring more water to 25 million residents and millions of farmland acres.  …

But there are serious hurdles ahead. The public hasn’t seen any details. There is no funding yet for the $26 million project. And environmental analysis of such projects can take years.”

No funding?  What’s a trifling $26 million to the current administration?  Twenty-six million is a mere rounding error in Obamaland.  Why not tap the slush fund known as stimulus?

Yet another deranged liberal program causing incalculable suffering.”  “California’s Two Gate Solution Rejected


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