Pink slips, not "green jobs"

“Gov. Jim Doyle last week unveiled his marquee energy initiative, the Clean Energy Jobs Act. He says the legislation would create “green jobs,” but it is much more likely to generate pink slips.

The legislation would mandate more green energy, such as wind and solar power. Of course, forcing people to use green energy creates jobs in the green energy industry, but it’s not that simple. Green energy is expensive energy, which is bad news for Wisconsin’s energy-intensive industrial base. Doyle’s mandate might create some jobs in the solar panel installation business, but it’s going to destroy just as many, and probably more, paychecks in the manufacturing business.  …

Government creates jobs by ending ill-advised market manipulations. To stimulate Wisconsin’s economy, Doyle should deregulate the energy industry.”  “Green jobs or pink slips?


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  1. yonason Says:

    Compare “green” energy costs with traditional “fossil” fuel costs, and then let them tell me it’s “sustainable.”

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