"Insane and misleading"

“I’ve been struggling to come up with two words to describe electricity pricing policies under Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

I think I’ve found them: Insane and misleading.

Insane because no government in its right mind would do what McGuinty is doing in the middle of a deep recession, which is to send electricity prices skyrocketing.

How? By (a) hiking prices 8% on July 1 under his Harmonized Sales Tax (b) pushing Ontario into a regional cap-and-trade market in carbon dioxide emissions with a handful of other provinces and U.S. states (c) yelling at Stephen Harper to get ahead of Barack Obama in creating a North American cap-and-trade market and (d) forcing us to subsidize expensive and (as yet) unreliable renewable energy under his new Green Energy Act.

All four of these initiatives amount to the same thing — putting new consumption taxes on electricity and sending prices through the roof in a province reeling from a multi-year, job-killing recession, which has gutted its manufacturing sector.

Worse, because electricity is used to create so many goods and services in an industrialized economy, these will in many ways be new taxes on everything.”  “Why power pricing is off the grid


No Responses to “"Insane and misleading"”

  1. Fred Says:

    So how does it feel to be a goody-two-shoes saving the planet ?

    Broke is the correct answer.

    Toss the bum out.

    We’re dumping Gordo here in BC . . . though I expect he’ll bask in the Olympics and then jump ship before we can get the plank in position.

  2. yonason Says:

    I think you are too kind. I would have gone with “Lunatic” and “Malicious,” at the very least.

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