Good riddance

I doubt they’ll move — Dubai might charge them for parking tickets:

“The government of Dubai on Thursday announced that it is fully prepared to host the headquarters of the United Nations if its officials decide to move from New York where the organisation is currently located.

According to an official source in the Dubai government, the announcement was made in light of the UAE’s — and Dubai’s — appreciation of the vital role the United Nations plays in all areas, and in the protection of international peace and security and economic development in particular.

The source said Dubai welcomes dialogue with UN officials to provide them with full information on the capabilities which the emirate can provide and which could make it the optimal choice as the new seat of the UN headquarters if a final decision is taken to move out of New York.”  “Dubai invites United Nations to set up headquarters


No Responses to “Good riddance”

  1. gofer Says:

    But isn’t Dubai going to be underwater with the seas rising??? huumm Kinda like Al Gore buying that condo in San Fran on the Bay.

  2. KDK Says:

    One can only hope the UN leaves the US… not that it wouldn’t be up to NO GOOD, but it would be one tyrannical organization out of our lands.

    The UN is totally corrupt… every issue they present has profiteers on board. The UN is nothing more than a global agenda machine.

  3. reggieman Says:

    Things will start to get really interesting when the UN moves to Babylon! (for those who have an understanding of biblical prophecy)

  4. yonason Says:

    Oh, yes, let them move. PLEASE let them move!

    They deserve each other. A failed organization and a failed country(**) – what a perfect match.


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