UK conservative MPs revolt

“The new generation of Conservative MPs due to take power after the election does not share [Conservative Party leader] David Cameron’s professed commitment to tackling climate change, a survey being published this week suggests.

“Reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” was rated as the lowest priority, out of 19 policies, by 144 Conservative candidates responding to the survey of the 240 most winnable Tory target seats.  …

The results of the survey … suggest a gap might be opening up between the leadership and rank-and-file MPs … on the issue. Mr Cameron is under pressure to drop pledges such as his commitment to increasing green taxes, as the right questions the rationale for taking unilateral action to combat global warming.  …

“There’s almost no support among centre-right think-tanks for all this climate change … ,” Tim Montgomerie, editor of Conservativehome, told the Financial Times.

I’m confident the sceptics are going to win,” Mr Montgomerie said. “It’s for Cameron to decide how he’s going to get out of this – he’s lost the battle already.”

The survey reflects a belief that the leadership should rethink its stance on green issues …”  “Climate not priority for Tory candidates


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