Latest WWF "study": tigers are all gonna die

You recall the prior WWF “study” saying Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035?  You know, the one relied on by the IPCC for its “robust” conclusion?  Well here’s the latest doom “study” from the ecotheist zealots at WWF:

One of the world’s largest tiger populations could disappear by the end of this century as rising sea levels caused by climate change destroy their habitat along the coast of Bangladesh in an area known as the Sundarbans, according to a new WWF-led study published in the journal Climatic Change.  Climate change could drown out Sundarbans tigers — study


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  1. Otter Says:

    My wife and I possess a tiger skin. The tiger was raised in captivity, had a very good life on a farm, and died of extreme old age.

    If the WWF were even close to correct, we’d have quite the furry fortune on our hands 😀

    But they are not. What will kill off the tigers, is overpopulation. That, I am afraid, is the reality. Not AGW.

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