Real threat to national security: climate change regulations

In the light of controversies swirling around the U.N.’s climate change body, a retired top military officer urged President Obama Wednesday to set up an independent expert commission to examine the much-touted link between climate change and national security.

“It is too important an issue to be driven by unsubstantiated claims, tainted by scandal and to result in counterproductive policies,” Adm. James Lyons, Jr., former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, said in a letter to the president.  …

Lyons, who is chairman of the Center for Security Policy’s military committee, suggested that climate change policies could have a detrimental effect on the military.

“To the extent, for example, that the national response to climate change makes energy more expensive and less available, and distracts the military and national security agencies from their core mission of keeping America safe, it could very well be that the true threat to national security is not climate change, but our response to it,” he wrote.  …

“When it comes to the climate change-national security link and the cap-and-trade legislation now being considered by Congress, any confidence in scientific pronouncements that may have existed in 2009 does not exist in 2010,” he added.  …

Testifying before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing last October, Heritage Foundation scholar James Jay Carafano argued that the real climate change-related security concern was the financial cost of climate change legislation before Congress.”  “Obama Urged to Set Up Commission to Probe National Security-Climate Link


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  1. ammmodytes vipera meridionalis Says:

    not to be conspiratorial, but the Green Religion has many similarities and appeals to the same crew as the Peace and Love movement of the sixties. Then, it was the Cold War. Now?

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