Study: school choice causes global warming!

Caleb Brown points to a study that finds a novel reason to oppose school choice: global warming. In a competitive educational marketplace, it is likely that fewer children would attend schools in their own neighborhood. That would mean less busing, and more driving in cars to get children to school. School choice, then, would contribute to global warming.

The study does not appear to be satire.”  “School choice:  mankind’s doom

“Hey guys, you know what else can yield “larger increases in private-vehicle emissions”? Choice of grocery store, choice of dry cleaner, choice of shopping mall, choice of residential neighborhood, choice of restaurant, choice of romantic encounters, choice of entertainment, choice of visiting relatives, choice of basically any kind in which use of an automobile is implicated.”  “The Next Environmental Threat: School Choice


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  1. health insurance Says:

    the hypothesis was that the increase in CO2 would cause increased water vapor at the equator and form a hot spot in the upper troposphere. Despite all the hooha about it. This hot spot has never been observed. Water vapor is a more efficient absorber of heat than CO2. The basic problems appear to be that the models that predict all of this stuff ignore negative feedbacks from clouds and other things in the correct manner. When you get water vapor up high enough, and high enough is not all that high, it forms clouds. Clouds increase the albedo of the earth and re-radiate the energy. Sad but the vested interests of klimatic kleptocracy (sic) will not cave into science easily. Al Gorge has made 200 mn peddling his rot. Others around are like him. Do not expect them to throw in the towel just because they have been proved to be wrong. [You can never prove a model to be right, but you can prove that a model can fail. The CO2 model is failing.]

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