New NASA propaganda site for kids — your tax dollars at work

“For a long time, experts trying to raise awareness on the whole issue of global warming and climate change have failed to explain to children why it’s important to save the planet. Reducing the most complex natural phenomena and interconnections down to a simple level, where most kids can make sense of them, is something incredibly difficult to do. A new website recently launched by the American space agency NASA finally provides children and adults alike with all the materials they need in order to understand how climate is changing, why, and what can be done about this.

The new website, which can be accessed here, is a companion to the agency’s award-winning Global Climate Change site. But the new portal is a lot easier for kids to digest, in the sense that it contains fun games, age-appropriate language, as well as interesting animations that break down the most difficult aspects of global warming and climate change, allowing the little ones to follow them. This is of tremendous importance for the future of our race. If the next generation is not well-educated in these issues, then we could risk developing one that is just as careless and reckless as the current one. And nobody in their right mind wants that.”  “NASA Launches New Site Against Climate Change”  h/t Greenie Watch


2 Responses to “New NASA propaganda site for kids — your tax dollars at work”

  1. Milan Says:

    Here is a rebuttal of your site’s central thesis:

    Climate change: the solar hypothesis

  2. jblethen Says:

    Length of solar cycle (and solar magnetism) is correlated with temperature, mechanism probably the Svensmark effect. See posts here

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