The BBC's enviro-extremist agenda not limited to global warming hysteria

“The programme Britain’s really disgusting food: Fish has been accused of pushing scientific “cheap sensationalism” by fisherman and the seafood industry.

The documentary, the third in the ‘disgusting food’ series, featured BBC presenter Alex Riley investigating the seafood industry.

Shown on BBC One last week, the programme contained “wilful factual errors” including the assertion that there will be no fish left in the sea in fifty years time, according to campaigners.

James Wood, from Seafish, the industry body which is sponsored by four UK government fisheries departments to promote good quality and sustainable seafood, said: “World fish supply has been boringly stable for the last 35 years”.

The organisation claims that despite countless phone calls to producers who were made aware that cod stocks in the North Sea have increased by 40 per cent since 2000, BBC producers chose to “ignore the facts”.

Mr Wood said: “The BBC took note of all of these facts, and then chose to ignore them in favour of cheap sensationalism and the carefully-worded hyperbole of campaigning NGOs.”

“Absolutely none of this information was taken into account by the producers, who appear to have taken the role they assumed for what they call a “youth” programme to the point of absurdity,” he added.”  “BBC criticised for scientific ‘cheap sensationalism’


2 Responses to “The BBC's enviro-extremist agenda not limited to global warming hysteria”

  1. yonason Says:

    BBC, once the the most trustworthy news source, is now just a Lefty propaganda rag. Their anti-Semitic lies are legion, in general very biased reporting overall and, heck, they’ve even lied about the Queen!

  2. yonason Says:

    link for “very biased reporting” above…

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