German solar dole recipients whining

“Germany’s solar industry called for countrywide protests against Environment Ministry plans to slash subsidies …

As many as 10,000 workers from factories that make solar- power panels and their control systems will tomorrow protest Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen’s planned cuts, the BSW industry lobby group said.  …

“The 60,000 people working in the growing market for photovoltaic panels demand that the government put a stop to the clear cuts for solar support,” Carsten Koernig, head of the Berlin-based BSW, said in an e-mailed statement.  …

“The situation is really coming to a head,” Christiane Hohmeister, a Solarworld spokeswoman, said today in a phone interview. “All of us in the industry are really hoping the cuts will be delayed and not as steep.”  …

“We need to get this done as quickly as possible, since we have a complete oversupply in the solar sector,” Michael Fuchs, deputy leader in parliament of Merkel’s CDU, said yesterday by phone. “It’s not decided yet — there are people like me who want to have stronger cuts. Others don’t want any cuts at all.””  “German Solar Industry Protests Cuts Amid Merkel Policy Deadlock


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