McIntyre rips EPA — EPA failed to follow its own guidelines

“The [EPA endangerment] Finding and the TSD [technical support document] are highly influential scientific assessments that relied on assessments carried out by parties external to the EPA, including the IPCC. In order for EPA to use an assessment with external party peer review, EPA Guidelines require that IPCC submit the assessment report together with a complete peer review record to EPA and that EPA officials evaluate the assessment and peer review record for compliance with EPA (and OMB) Guidelines. It is highly doubtful that either such a submission or such an evaluation ever happened. In addition, there is considerable evidence that IPCC peer review procedures fall well short of the “rigorous” standard required for highly influential scientific assessments including non-compliance with standards on data availability, due diligence and transparency.  … The peer review of the TSD itself did not comply with relevant guidelines.”  “Submission to the EPA on endangerment finding


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