Some Democrats wising up

“Three House Democrats are now pushing legislation that would stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating carbon emissions—a decision the agency announced in December — without express permission from the Congress.

Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.) introduced a bill on Tuesday that would amend the Clean Air Act to exclude regulations based on global warming effects, while Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.) has a bill that would keep the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases at all unless approved by Congress.  …

“I’m proud to help sponsor this bill because if Congress doesn’t do something soon, the EPA is going to cram these regulations through all on their own,” Rep. Peterson said in a statement.   …

Peterson explained that the change was needed because the EPA was overstepping the original intended limits of the law. “The Clean Air Act was not meant for this,” he said. “It was meant to clean up the air, to get lead out of the air. It was not meant to fight global warming.”

“I have no confidence that the EPA can regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act without doing serious damage to our economy,” Peterson said. “Americans know we’re way too dependent on foreign oil and fossil fuels in this country — and I’ve worked hard to develop practical solutions to that problem — but Congress should be making these types of decisions, not unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.”

Emerson unveiled the legislation in Jefferson City, Mo., at the Missouri Rural Electric Cooperative’s State Legislative Conference, and told attendees, “This legislation is a guarantee that the EPA will not use its rapidly expanding powers to enact policies which members of Congress know will create untold hardships in the rest of the country, especially in Missouri.”  …

Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions under the current provisions of the Clean Air Act is irresponsible and just plain wrong,” said Pomeroy. “That is why I introduced the Save Our Energy Jobs Act, which would stop the EPA from moving forward with its proposal.”

I am not about to let some Washington bureaucrat dictate new public policy that will raise our electricity rates and put at risk the thousands of coal-related jobs in our state,” said Pomeroy.”  “Democrats Pushing Back Against Carbon Regulations From the EPA


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