New enviro euphemism: tax increase = "strengthening" the tax

“The B.C. government should strengthen its carbon tax in the 2010 budget, according to a set of recommendations released by the Pembina Institute today.  …

‘B.C. has shown leadership in moving toward a low-carbon economy by implementing North America’s most ambitious carbon tax, but it’s important to continue to strengthen the tax so it is as fair and effective as possible,’ says Matt Horne, director of B.C. Energy Solutions for Pembina.  …

Recommendation: Increase carbon tax above $30 per tonne after 2012.

Why: To equitably contribute to a global effort to avoid dangerous climate change, carbon prices in Canada need to reach $200 per tonne by 2020. To be approaching those levels, B.C.’s carbon tax needs to increase by between $15 and $30 per tonne per year from 2013 to 2020.”  “Pembina recommends ways to strengthen B.C.`s carbon tax


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