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I haven’t before endorsed a political cause on this blog, but I am this one: I’m also contributing, even though I don’t live in California. If we can beat back the economy-destroying insanity of ration and tax in California, that could be the death knell of the carbon cult.

“We have filed our initiative with the Attorney General and need you to be a part of this effort to suspend the most draconian regulatory regime in our state’s history.

Be a part of our historic effort to get the economy back on track by joining the e-team, following our efforts on Facebook and contributing financially.

When it’s ready, the official petition to place the suspension of AB 32 on the 2010 ballot will be available for download right here on this website.

Sign up now so you can be the first on your block to have the simple one page petition that will free California from the AB 32 stranglehold the Sacramento political establishment has placed on our economy.”  “Join us in our fight to suspend AB 32


3 Responses to “Contribute to”

  1. Russ Says:

    Thanks for helping us out n California with your donation. I hope that others have the same valuable insight that you do, if we can stop the carbon cult here, we can stop it across the nation. As California goes, so goes the nation!

  2. papertiger Says:

    Jb there are web banner’s for hanging at

    I can’t say much in favor of the selection. It seems like they are burying the message with the most bite, which is “suspend AB 32”.

    Maybe you and Russ between the two of you (and get George to do the graphic, Russ. Have George do the graphic.) can come up with a more targeted theme for a banner that other skeptic bloggers will embrace?

  3. papertiger Says:

    How about “Just say no to the carbcops” as a theme?
    Or “Take California back from the eco-borg. Suspend AB32.” with a Governator pic.

    “Just say no to our Gorewellian overlords.”

    We need to brainstorm this a bit. Get some of Anthony’s army mobilized.

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