Boulder being Boulder — green police

“This spring, city contractors will fan out across this well-to-do college town to unscrew light bulbs in thousands of homes and replace them with more energy-efficient models, at taxpayer expense.

City officials never dreamed they’d have to play nanny [really?] when they set out in 2006 to make Boulder a role model in the fight against global warming. The cause seemed like a natural fit in a place where residents tend to be politically liberal …

The City Council will soon consider mandating energy-efficiency upgrades to many apartments and businesses. The proposals under review would be among the most aggressive in the nation, requiring up to $4,000 a rental unit in new appliances, windows and other improvements. Owners of commercial property could face far larger tabs.  …

Relying on voluntary action is “slow to show significant results,” the city concluded in a report last fall that called for stepped-up regulation.  …

Jeff Hohensee, a sustainability consultant, … suggests the city measure every home’s carbon footprint and publicize the results.

City officials aren’t willing to go that far. But they are hoping to leverage peer pressure. They plan to post congratulatory signs outside homes that have let the “two techs in a truck” change the light bulbs. They’ll offer prizes to churches and schools that get commitments from, say, 100 families to insulate their attics. They’ll host energy-efficiency block parties and plan to hire a consultant to create a conservation buzz on Facebook and Twitter.  …

Boulder depends almost entirely for energy on a coal-powered plant.”  “Even Boulder Finds It Isn’t Easy Going Green


2 Responses to “Boulder being Boulder — green police”

  1. cbullitt Says:

    And I thought Cambridge, Ma. was unhinged.
    This is entirely divorced from reality.

  2. Guy Fawkes Says:

    Suppose a citizen likes his old bulbs and doesn’t want the new ones that are full of mercury??
    What happens then?

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