A glimpse inside the tortured mind of a young Greenpeace "climate campaigner"

“There’s an incredibly powerful movement opposed to action on climate change. Without doubt it had more influence on the outcome of the climate negotiations in Copenhagen than many of the world’s countries combined.  … The name of this world-changing movement? It’s the Tea Party movement, coupled with its sophisticated echo chamber of right-wing shock jocks, culture-war keyboard commandos, and allies at Fox News, all pushing the scepticism line on climate change.  …

Gold-standard scientific reporting from the IPCC, and indeed the value of scientific inquiry itself, is now under sustained assault from a motley assortment of cranks, ideologues and special interest voices

[T]he battle here is over trust and perception. On both of these fronts there can be no doubt that the [AGW] scientists are losing ground.  …

Prolific climate deniers such as Ian Plimer, James Delingpole and Christopher Booker … win the argument because the playing field simply isn’t level.  …

One extremely influential British journalist told me that editors are coming under significant pressure to adopt a more contrarian stance on the climate science because they are receiving scores of emails and telephone calls daily from the public demanding a more sceptical line. They are receiving very few messages supporting the consensus scientific view.

On the web the situation is even starker.  …

[T]he polarisation of society on this issue has been completely manufactured by those who seek to deliberately polarise the carbon debate by painting climate change as the latest liberal obsession.

That’s why climate change has come to be associated with austerity and regulation … [and] rising energy bills and potential black outs.  …

The most zealous deniers, a subculture of outlandish paranoid conspiracy theorists, claim to speak for independent thinking when in truth they’re the shock troops for a choking and insidious form of censorship, blotting out the truth with the ideology and interests of the world’s most powerful Big Carbon corporates.”  “Climate scientists are losing ground against deniers’ disinformation


One Response to “A glimpse inside the tortured mind of a young Greenpeace "climate campaigner"”

  1. papertiger Says:

    See what you did JB. I know it wasn’t me cause I don’t even blog.
    I’ve only been to one tea party my whole life.

    You, you, polarizer!

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