Peak oil … reserves

“Exxon Mobil (XOM) announced today that in 2009 the company’s proven reserves increased by 133% of the amount of oil produced.

Exxon now has 23.3 billion oil-equivalent-barrels of reserves comprised of about half liquids and half gas. It’s the largest amount in the company’s history.

Amazingly, Exxon, who has been accused in the past of being too conservative in terms of exploration and development, has been finding more oil than it produces for each of the last 16 years, to the dismay of peak oil proponents.”  “Exxon Hits Peak Oil… Reserves


4 Responses to “Peak oil … reserves”

  1. GORE LIED Says:

    Against the popular belief that the world was spiraling toward catastrophe due to resource depletion, Julian Simon contrarily predicted exactly what is described in this post in his 1998 book, The Ultimate Resource II. Here’s a link to Chapter 11: When Will We Run Out of Oil? Never!

  2. Wam Says:

    Read the book “Energy: The Created Crisis” by Antony Sutton. It explains how oil and nuclear energy can power us for thousands of years to come. It is a non-crisis, created to frighten us into accepting all kinds of restrictions and control of our lives.

  3. Ayrdale Says:

    Fantastic, have posted with acknowledgments. Thanks !

  4. Oil Crash Says:

    I believe that peak oil is true and that we are now past the point of peak oil. I believe many of the current events have to do with this fact and it won’t be long before the main stream media and population wake up and understand what is going on. For me and my family, we are preparing for the next generation.

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