AGW turns penguins to jellyfish

With Antarctic sea ice extent expanding for decades and the continent as a whole on a 50-year cooling trend this article in the Telegraph seems, well, absurd, but typical of the hysterical nonsense that passes for science in the field of climastrology:

Rising temperatures in the oceans around Antarctica could lead to the continent’s penguins being replaced by jellyfish, scientists have warned.

The results of the largest ever survey of Antarctic marine life reveal melting sea ice [NOT!] is decimating krill populations, which form an integral part of penguins’ diets.

The six-inch-long invertebrates, also eaten by other higher Southern Ocean predators such as whales and seals, are being replaced by smaller crustaceans known as copepods.

These miniscule copepods, measuring just half a millimetre long, are too small for penguins but ideal for jellyfish and other similarly tentacled predators.  “Penguins in Antarctica to be replaced by jellyfish due to global warming”  h/t Climate Realists


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