Obama to use NEPA as well as EPA to strangle the economy

The alarmist scientists and their media toadies have created the hysteria that has lead to insane regulations like this which will cripple the economy and have no effect whatsoever on climate.  Not content with EPA regulating everything, Obama now wants to unleash NEPA on American industry:

“The Obama administration proposed rules Thursday that could affect construction of coal-fired power plants and other government-approved projects that produce large amounts of greenhouse gases.

The guidelines for the first time set uniform standards on how federal agencies consider the causes and effects of climate change during their environmental analyses. They would require study of the greenhouse gas emissions of any project expected to emit at least 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide a year — roughly 4,600 cars’ worth.

The types of projects that could be affected include large-scale landfills, coal-fired power plants and coal mines that give off methane.

The guidelines instruct federal agencies to “consider opportunities to reduce [greenhouse gas] emissions caused by proposed federal actions” and “use the NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] process to reduce vulnerability to climate change impacts.”

Such analysis would not necessarily affect a project’s fate. White House officials said the rules were not meant to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. But after analysis, officials could decide whether a reduction in emissions was needed.

For those cases, the guidelines offer several suggestions, which could increase a project’s upfront costs, such as installing carbon capture and sequestration technology on a coal plant or capturing methane as it escapes from a mine.”  “Proposal calls for emissions study with new government-approved projects


2 Responses to “Obama to use NEPA as well as EPA to strangle the economy”

  1. Steve Taber Says:

    Actually, if you compare what the courts already require Federal agencies to disclose regarding Climate Change during the NEPA process and that which is proposed by the CEQ, you would see that it is actually rolling back NEPA requirements – since the Draft Guidance only requires a finding of significant impact if the federal action emits over 25,000 metric tons of Greenhoue Gases. There is no such limitation in the court decisions.

    Besides, NEPA only applies to the Federal government’s actions, not “industry” as you indicate. So it really cannot be “unleashed” on American industry.

    But you are more concerned about bashing the Obama Administration than checking your facts, aren’t you?

  2. jblethen Says:

    If you are right that the new guidelines only apply to federal government actions and not industry, then I plead guilty. But the L.A.Times reporter seems to think the new guidelines apply to coal-fired power plants, landfills, coal mines, and other “government-approved projects that produce large amounts of greenhouse gases”. Is he wrong? BTW, I’m bashing Obama’s policies, not the man, not the same thing, eh?

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