"Send the mental patients home"


6 Responses to “"Send the mental patients home"”

  1. polistra Says:

    Why in the world would voting Republican help? The R’s had full power from 2002 through 2006 and they were just as Green as the D’s. Did nothing to slow down the fraud, did nothing for nuclear power, nothing for oil. McCain was even MORE green than Obama, as judged by no less an authority than New Scientist magazine.

  2. jblethen Says:

    Democrats buy into the AGW nonsense and support Cap and Trade and EPA regulation of CO2. Republicans oppose all the above. You don’t see the difference?

  3. papertiger Says:

    We could take matters into our own hands.
    initiative to suspend AB 32 cleared to gather signatures.

    “A proposed initiative to suspend California’s landmark legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emission was cleared by the secretary of state’s office late Wednesday to begin collecting signatures.

    A creator of the initiative, Assemblyman Dan Logue, R-Linda, said he has commitments of $600,000 from business interests for a campaign to qualify the measure for the ballot.

    The initiative would suspend implementation of Assembly Bill 32, which called for reducing California’s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.”


    Ted Costa, Peoples Advocate

    Assemblyman Dan Logue

    Congressman Tom McClintock

    Endorsed by

    Congressman Devin Nunes

    Senator Sam Aanestad

    Senator Bob Dutton

    Senator George Runner

    Senator Tony Strickland

    Senator Mimi Walters

    Assemblyman Joel Anderson

    Assemblyman Bill Berryhill

    Assemblywoman Connie Conway

    Assemblyman Chuck Devore

    Assemblyman Ted Gaines

    Assemblyman Martin Garrick

    Assemblyman Curt Hagman

    Assemblywoman Diane Harkey

    Assemblyman Kevin Jefferies

    Assemblyman Steve Knight

    Assemblyman Roger Niello

    Assemblyman Jim Nielsen

    Assemblyman Jim Silva

    Past Assemblyman Rick Keene

    Charlie Mathews, rice grower

    Mimi Mathews, rice grower

    Al Montna, rice grower

    Mark Pruner, CRCC

    Lowell Robinson Timber

    Betty Jo Toccoli, Chair, Ca. Small Business Association

    Tom DelBeccaro, Ca. Republican Vice Chairman

    Aubrey Stone Ca. Black C of C

    Ted Costa, Tom McClintock, Dan Logue, Roger Neilo, are Republicans in California. All of these people are Republicans I think.

  4. papertiger Says:

    Tell me about it. But you know if Russ posted it Anthony has seen it. For some reason or other he isn’t posting. From experience, if he has a reason there isn’t much you or I can do to change his mind.
    He’s not amenable to my type of persuasion at least.

  5. papertiger Says:

    Not influencing Anthony is one thing, but what really bugs me is I can’t get anybody to bite on this.

    You and Russ are about the only people I’ve seen who posted it.

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