"Mass media" responsible for meltdown of carbon cult!

An assistant prof of “environmental studies” holds forth with the likes of notorious warmists Stephen Schneider and Naomi “no dissenting papers” Oreskes on why we pesky climate realists have been so successful — it’s all the fault of the “mass media”!:

“Mass media have been a key vehicle by which climate change contrarianism has traveled, according to Maxwell Boykoff, a University of Colorado at Boulder professor and fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, or CIRES.

Boykoff, an assistant professor of environmental studies, presented his research today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Diego. He spoke during a panel discussion titled “Understanding Climate Change Skepticism: Its Sources and Strategies.”

Boykoff’s segment was titled “Exaggerating Denialism: Media Representations of Outlier Views on Climate Change” and discussed prominent pitfalls.

“One problem occurs when outlier viewpoints are not individually evaluated in context,” said Boykoff.  …

Such claims are amplified when traditional news media position noncredible contrarian sources against those with scientific data, in a failed effort to represent opposing sides, said Boykoff.  …

It also distracts attention from critical institutional and societal challenges regarding carbon consumption that calls citizen behaviors, actions and decisions to account.  …

“[It also] comes at the expense of appraising fundamental challenges regarding the necessary de-carbonization of industry and society,” said Boykoff.  …

Speakers Stephen Schneider from Stanford University [and] Naomi Oreskes from the University of California … joined Boykoff on the panel.”  “CU-Boulder prof speaks on mass media role in climate change skepticism


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