Carbon cult will cause Canada to sell oilsands oil to China

“The United States should not discriminate against the Canadian oil sands industry, Canada’s ambassador in Washington said on Thursday, warning that trade restrictions could cause the top energy supplier to U.S. markets to seek out other customers.

Canada’s abundant oil sands resources have been threatened in the U.S. market with proposed climate change policies that would place additional costs on fuels that emit higher levels of carbon dioxide.  …

“We absolutely want states and provinces to not discriminate against one sector without looking at the big picture,” [Ambassador Gary] Doer said.  …

California has already adopted a so-called low carbon fuel standard, which attempts to limit the carbon intensity of transportation fuels burned in the state. At least 11 other states are considering similar measures.

Ultimately if the United States becomes less open to oil sands, Doer said the fuel can go elsewhere.

“This is a commodity that can sold somewhere else. It’s not as if the United States is the only country interested in purchasing oil,” Doer said.

Plans are already in place to build a multibillion-dollar pipeline to Canada’s West Coast, where tankers could ship oil sands-derived crude to refineries in Asia …”  “U.S. mustn’t discriminate against Canadian oil sands


2 Responses to “Carbon cult will cause Canada to sell oilsands oil to China”

  1. Milan Says:

    Between now and 2025, companies are planning to spend £254 billion ($379 billion) on expanding the oil sands:

    “$379 billion could cover the cost of the Desertec Industrial Initiative. This would link North African solar plants into a supergrid covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and supply 15% of Europe’s electricity by 2050. Alternatively, $379bn could fund a Europe-wide shift to electric vehicles.”

    While expanding the oil sands will increase humanity’s cumulative emissions, increasing the odds of catastrophic climate change, a report from the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy estimated that the Desertec plan could produce 240,000 jobs in Germany, as well as €2 trillion worth of zero-carbon electricity by 2050. According to the WWF report, aggressive expansion of the oil sands could produce the equivalent of 50 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. That is a staggering figure, when you recognize that annual Canadian emissions at present are about 750 million tonnes. The oil sands expansion could therefore be akin to 87 years of Canadian business-as-usual, and could singlehandedly increase the global concentration of CO2 by about 3.3 parts per million (ppm).

  2. jblethen Says:

    Desertec is a heavily subsidized boondoggle. Solar panels only work part time and as soon as they get covered with dust (this happens immediately in the Sahara) they don’t work at all.

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