NCDC adjusts the U.S.

Anthony Watts had a post awhile ago (while I was on the Colorado River) discussing the new paper “CONTIGUOUS U. S. TEMPERATURE TRENDS USING NCDC RAW AND ADJUSTED DATA FOR ONE-PER-STATE RURAL AND URBAN STATION SETS” by Edward R. Long, Ph.D., illustrating both the urban heat island (UHI) effect and the faulty adjusting of urban and rural raw data in the U.S.  The two graphs here are from the paper (extracted by Anthony).

The first graph shows rural versus urban raw data.  What is striking is that (1) the raw rural data show that the 1930s were warmer than today and (2) the UHI effect is evident and large.

The second graph shows the same data after NCDC adjusts it.  One would expect that the rural raw data would not be adjusted and that the urban raw data would be adjusted downward to take into account the UHI effect.  But instead NCDC adjusts the rural raw data upward until it nearly matches the urban data!  The NCDC adjusted temperature record is clearly urban biased.


3 Responses to “NCDC adjusts the U.S.”

  1. Sean McHugh Says:

    I’m genuinely stunned. Pointing out the irregularity is not sufficient. This represents blatant dishonesty by the NCDC and even more arrogance by them. Some loud yelling is required, otherwise they will just keep committing serial scientific murder. As far as they are concerned, they are are getting away with it. Sadly, they are pretty much correct.

  2. R. de Haan Says:

    And don’t forget the Gisscapades!

    Man, I can’t bear the heat!

    That’s how Global Warming is made!

  3. Diego Says:

    Lies over lies over lies. Global warming is a fraud we can’t count on those self-proclamed scientific to know the real data since they ‘maladjust’ the data to fit the bugus theory. This is why I have my own station to be able to have at least local valid (not fraudulous) data.

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