Surprise: CARB says energy rationing and taxation will CREATE jobs!

“The California Air Resources Board, to no one’s surprise, the other day unveiled its own “study” of the economic effects of the sweeping Assembly Bill 32, the 2006 Global Warming Solutions Act. The state’s air-pollution police contend that the sweeping crackdown on carbon-dioxide emissions actually will add 10,000 new jobs to the state by 2020. The ARB’s bottom line: implementing these regulations “won’t hurt” California.

Of course, the day before a separate study commissioned by manufacturers concluded that AB32 could result in the state losing another 485,000 jobs by 2020.

And you may recall a Cal State Sacramento study last year that predicted AB32 will result in 1.1 million lost jobs.

ARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols said people should consider who is behind each study. We agree. Businesses requested the university study. They stand to lose money. Businesses and manufacturers were behind the more recent study. They stand to lose money.

The government was behind the ARB study, including a group of “expert” advisers appointed by Nichols. The government stands to gain tax money and more control.

So, yes, people should consider who’s behind these studies. And their motives.”  “War of job-killing studies


2 Responses to “Surprise: CARB says energy rationing and taxation will CREATE jobs!”

  1. Klem Says:

    Every new legislation will creat jobs and kill others. To be fair, every economic study should conclude with the net jobs. The estimated jobs created minus the estimated jobs lost. One of these two studies is wrong. Just goes to show that these studies produce results which make the financial supporter happiest.

  2. jblethen Says:

    When you make it more expensive for businesses, which is what energy rationing and taxation does, businesses react by (1) moving to a new jurisdiction, (2) laying off employees, and (3) increasing prices of goods and services produced. Every competent study has shown that Ration and Tax will cost many, many jobs. The CARB “study” is a sham designed to justify the carbon cult’s agenda.

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