Another model failure

Even though corals evolved and thrived in much warmer waters than today, and even though corals thrive today in “too warm” waters (Diversity of corals in “too warm” Indian Ocean surprises alarmists), modelers persist in creating doom and gloom in their virtual world:

“Cornell University researchers have found a new tool to help marine biologists better grasp the processes under the sea: They have created mathematical models to unveil the bacterial community dynamics behind afflictions that bleach and kill coral.  …

Now new mathematical models explain for the first time how beneficial bacteria on coral suddenly give way to pathogens when waters warm.  …

The model reveals how a healthy normal microbial community in the coral surface mucus layer protects corals from disease by preventing invasion and overgrowth by pathogenic bacteria. But when corals are stressed, for example by elevated temperatures (a heat spell), the community of microbes suddenly switches. Species associated with a healthy coral organism – “resident species” – decline as pathogens associated with coral disease take their place.”  “New mathematical model helps biologists understand how coral dies in warming waters


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