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Adjusting Pennsylvania


Abstract: This report compares the raw with the United States Historical Climatology Network Version 2 (USHCN V2) adjusted temperature records for the twenty-four USHCN listed temperature stations in the state of Pennsylvania. Averaging over the twenty-four stations the raw data yielded a small linear decline with temperatures trending -0.1 ± 0.1 ºC/century, while the U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USCHN) Version 2 adjusted data revealed an increase of 0.7 ± 0.1 ºC/century.  …

Conclusions: In the state of Pennsylvania the raw temperature record reveals no significant change in temperature over the period from 1895 to 2009. The USHCN V2 adjusted temperature record shows an increase of less than a degree Celsius over those years.  … In both the short and longer term cases the USHCN V2 adjusted data yielded trends that were roughly 1ºC per century higher than those found in the raw temperature records.”  “A REVIEW OF THE UNITED STATES HISTORICAL CLIMATOLOGY NETWORK VERSION 2: ADJUSTED TEMPERATURE RECORD FOR PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A.


Obama wants U.S. to lead in futility


“President Barack Obama, visiting Missouri’s first ethanol plant Wednesday, … told his audience of plant workers and government officials that he wanted the U.S. to lead in the field of clean energy, and not lose out to China or other nations.

I want to be first when it comes to biofuels,” he said.”  “On visit to Missouri, Obama says U.S. should be No. 1 in biofuels

Biofuels such as biodiesel from soy beans can create up to four times more climate-warming emissions than standard diesel or petrol, according to an EU document released under freedom of information laws.  …

Biodiesel from North American soybeans has an indirect carbon footprint of 339.9 kilograms of CO2 per gigajoule — four times higher than standard diesel — said the EU document, an annex that was controversially stripped from a report published in December.  …

Biodiesel from European rapeseed has an indirect carbon footprint of 150.3 kg of CO2 per gigajoule, while bioethanol from European sugar beet is calculated at 100.3 kg — both much higher than conventional diesel or gasoline at around 85 kg.”  “Once-hidden EU report reveals damage from biodiesel

Green death in California


“California has created only 48,000 “green jobs” over the 13 years from 1995 to 2008. Green jobs still make up only 1 percent of California’s economy. Worse, says State Senator Bob Dutton, the high energy taxes needed to create those few green jobs are at the same time killing millions of jobs in all sorts of industries across the state. California’s unemployment has soared from less than 5 percent to more than 12 percent since Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the California Global Warming Solutions Act three years ago.

The governor promised that the global warming tax would “create a whole new industry to pump up our economy, a clean-tech industry that creates jobs, sparks new cutting-edge technology and will be a model for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world.” Instead, the global warming taxes will drive up the prices of all non-renewable energy—as they were intended to do.

California taxpayers will now pay for wind turbines and solar panels made in China, while California has lost more than 600,000 manufacturing jobs. Business relocation specialist Joseph Vranich says he’s working full time to help companies flee California’s rising costs and restrictions. He warns that no one is calling about moving into the Golden State.  …

The Wall Street Journal reports the Southern California Public Power Authority is warning of a 30 percent hike in electric rates. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has told business to expect a 21 percent hike this year. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the city must raise rates because “the State is breathing down our necks . . . where we could be looking at fines of $300 million [in 2012] and $600 million on top of that.””  “Green jobs or shale gas?  The numbers talk

Dominos falling — Australia, New Zealand, Germany, …


“The [New Zealand] Government said yesterday it would probably ditch the rest of the emissions trading scheme as scheduled beyond 2013 if its major trading partners did not have schemes as well.

The scheme, already passed into law, is supposed to be a comprehensive “all sectors, all gases” scheme with a phased-in entry for different sectors.

But the confirmation by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Tuesday that he would shelve his proposed scheme until at least 2013 has forced the New Zealand Government to hedge its commitment to a full scheme.  …

Environment Minister Nick Smith said yesterday “New Zealand would be unlikely to proceed with the full obligations for the energy, transport and industrial sectors and to add additional sectors to the emissions trading scheme in New Zealand if there was not progress in other countries, particularly of trading partners like Australia, Japan and the United States.””  “Govt may ditch emissions trading scheme

“Frustrated by the climate change conference in December, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is quietly moving away from her goal of a binding agreement on limiting climate change to 2 degrees Celsius. She has also sent out signals at the EU level that she no longer supports the idea of Europe going it alone.  …

Merkel will no longer endeavor to contractually implement the 2-degree target — in other words, to reach a legally binding agreement with specific reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. She doesn’t want to be snubbed again because she has realized that important countries won’t lend their support the next time around either. This was confirmed two weeks ago at the nuclear summit in Washington by Chinese President Hu Jintao and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  …

After having dreamt of achieving the great objective, now it’s time for realpolitik. Merkel and [German environment minister] Röttgen had to admit that countries like China and India will not submit to a mandatory target that others have contrived. They are continuing to pursue their climate policies, but are focusing strictly on domestic issues — and neither is willing to relinquish any of their sovereignty.”  “Merkel Abandons Aim of Binding Climate Agreement

AGW "draws ugly fish to Greenland"


“A recent study of ocean life in the depths near Greenland has turned up some 38 species of fish, 10 of which, like this anglerfish, were previously unknown to the region–and are quite ugly too. Scientists suspect that global warming may be drawing these unphotogenic fish to the region.

Although the study, conducted by the Natural History Museum of Denmark in the waters near Greenland, found 10 new species previously unclassified, many of the other fish appear to have recently moved to the area from elsewhere. According to the National Geographic, human activity and changes to their normal habitats may be what’s driving them north.

Rising ocean temperatures due to global warming–which could be drawing unfamiliar fishes to the region–and increased deep-sea fishing may be responsible for the spike in fresh fish faces seen off Greenland.”

Strange new fish discovered near Greenland”  h/t Larry Tomasson

EPA raising tailoring rule threshold?


EPA’s proposed tailoring rule originally had a threshold of 25,000 tons of CO2 per year to trigger regulation.  EPA seems to have realized that the rule would ensnare far too many businesses in costly and futile CO2 reduction schemes.  EPA may be raising the threshold:

“The new [EPA tailoring] rules would “tailor” the emission thresholds to ensure the agency’s carbon rules would apply only to major emitters, such as power plants and factories making glass or cement. Otherwise, the Clean Air Act would require regulation of smaller businesses, overwhelming the agency’s resources.  …

The EPA has yet to finalize the emissions threshold for the rule. In the past, the agency said it would only likely consider regulating plants that emit 75,000 tonnes per year or more of carbon dioxide.”  “EPA Tailoring Rule May Slip To May

Stephen Wilde's new climate model


“In my articles to date I have been unwilling to claim anything as grand as the creation of a new model of climate because until now I was unable to propose any solar mechanism that could result directly in global albedo changes without some other forcing agent or that could account for a direct solar cause of discontinuities in the temperature profile along the horizontal line of the oceanic thermohaline circulation.  I have now realised that the global albedo changes necessary and the changes in solar energy input to the oceans can be explained by the latitudinal shifts (beyond normal seasonal variation) of all the air circulation systems and in particular the net latitudinal positions of the three main cloud bands namely the two generated by the mid latitude jet streams plus the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

The secret lies in the declining angle of incidence of solar energy input from equator to poles.

It is apparent that the same size and density of cloud mass moved, say, 1000 miles nearer to the equator will have the following effects:

i) It will receive more intense irradiation from the sun and so will reflect more energy to space.

ii) It will reduce the amount of energy reaching the surface compared to what it would have let in if situated more poleward.

iii) In the northern hemisphere due to the current land/sea distribution the more equatorward the cloud moves the more ocean surface it will cover thus reducing total solar input to the oceans and reducing the rate of accretion to ocean energy content.

iv) It will produce cooling rains over a larger area of ocean surface.

As a rule the ITCZ is usually situated north of the equator because most ocean is in the southern hemisphere and it is ocean temperatures that dictate it’s position by governing the rate of energy transfer from oceans to air. Thus if the two mid latitude jets move equatorward at the same time as the ITCZ moves closer to the equator the combined effect on global albedo and the amount of solar energy able to penetrate the oceans will be substantial and would dwarf the other proposed effects on albedo from changes in cosmic ray intensity generating changes in cloud totals as per Svensmark and from suggested changes caused in upper cloud quantities by changes in atmospheric chemistry involving ozone which various other climate sceptics propose.

Thus the following NCM will incorporate my above described positional cause of changes in albedo and rates of energy input to the oceans rather than any of the other proposals. That then leads to a rather neat solution to the other theories’ problems with the timing of the various cycles as becomes clear below.”

Read more here:  “A new and effective climate model

AP journo in wonderland


What planet is this AP journo living on?

“The European Space Agency is launching a satellite that scientists hope will help them pin down the effects of global warming on the Earth’s ice packs more precisely.

The CryoSat 2 mission, which starts Thursday after years of delays, will be able to pinpoint details of changes in polar ice so scientists can better understand the alarming picture of the world’s retreating ice caps.  …

For coastal cities and islands, the information may be a question of survival.

If all of the Earth’s polar ice and glaciers were to melt, sea levels could rise up to 230 feet (70 meters), Miller said.

If only Greenland became ice-free, it would mean a 21.33-foot (6.5-meter) rise, he said.”  “EU satellite to check climate change impact on ice

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, arctic sea ice is at its 30-year average, antarctic sea ice continues to grow, and:

“The extent of sea ice over the Arctic Ocean grew until the last day of March, the latest the annual melting season has begun in 31 years of satellite records, the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center said.”  “Arctic Sea Ice Melting Season Posts Latest Start on Record

Never happen


This will never happen — UN climate fat cats won’t give up their all-expenses-paid globe-trotting boondoggles to exotic locals like Bali:

“A plan to find a permanent home for U.N. climate meetings could result in more work getting done and a reduction in travel emissions, British officials said.The proposal, supported by Britain, would designate a permanent home for the Conferences of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The plan would create a permanent governing council and appoint a new head with greater authority, The Times of London reported Friday.

For the last 20 years, as many as 20,000 people at a time have traveled to cities in Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Denmark and other countries for meetings on climate change.

The jump to a new city distracts from negotiations and increases the amount of air-polluting emissions, the plan’s supporters said.

More than half of the officials come from Europe, making it a likely home for a permanent center, though developing countries could argue they are overdue to host a U.N. institution, The Times reported.”  “Plan Calls for Permanent U.N. Climate Host

China: CO2 not a pollutant


“China said greenhouse gases from the shipping industry shouldn’t be covered by marine pollution rules because carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant.

Emissions from ships may be better regulated by the International Maritime Organization’s council or a new international convention, said Xiaofeng Guo, a member of China’s delegation attending IMO talks in London this week.

IMO marine pollution rules are “definitely not the way because carbon dioxide is not a pollutant,” he said.”  “China: Marine pollution rules shouldn’t govern ship carbon