The cause of it all: Massachusetts v EPA

“It has been three years since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency, 549 U.S. 497 (2007).  But the significance of this case requires that it be exposed and discussed.  The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in this case that the EPA “abdicated its responsibility under the Clean Air Act to regulate the emissions of four greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide.”  In this case the Supreme Court sided with speculation over scientific evidence, as it endorsed the man-made global warming fanatics, whose purposes attack America’s economic strength based upon unsupported speculation.

This is a ruling of profound significance for America.  The Supreme Court by a slim majority leaped forward to conclude that man-made C02 emissions (a) cause global warming, (b) are increasing too rapidly, and (c) that America will suffer catastrophic damages if the EPA does not do something to stop these increases.  The problems with the Massachusetts v. EPA opinion are fundamental and far-reaching.  This opinion stands with Lawrence v. Texas and Boumediene v. Bush as examples of a slim majority of five Justices who abandoned established constitutional principles and echoed politically popular themes to reach a pre-determined result.   The legal processes and analysis of the majority represents a departure from intellectual honesty and disciplined analysis, and stands as a blatant example of judicial activism.”  Continue reading here:  “Supreme Court “Global Warming” Ruling — A Monument to Bad Science and Judicial Activism


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