EPA raising tailoring rule threshold?

EPA’s proposed tailoring rule originally had a threshold of 25,000 tons of CO2 per year to trigger regulation.  EPA seems to have realized that the rule would ensnare far too many businesses in costly and futile CO2 reduction schemes.  EPA may be raising the threshold:

“The new [EPA tailoring] rules would “tailor” the emission thresholds to ensure the agency’s carbon rules would apply only to major emitters, such as power plants and factories making glass or cement. Otherwise, the Clean Air Act would require regulation of smaller businesses, overwhelming the agency’s resources.  …

The EPA has yet to finalize the emissions threshold for the rule. In the past, the agency said it would only likely consider regulating plants that emit 75,000 tonnes per year or more of carbon dioxide.”  “EPA Tailoring Rule May Slip To May


One Response to “EPA raising tailoring rule threshold?”

  1. ammodytes vipera meridionalis Says:

    This comment is not relevant to this post, but Scientific American, in its May issue, politely acknowledged the error of politics in science, and there is a little blurb on p. 14: “IPCC Errors Prompt a Review on Climate Science Data”

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