AGW "draws ugly fish to Greenland"

“A recent study of ocean life in the depths near Greenland has turned up some 38 species of fish, 10 of which, like this anglerfish, were previously unknown to the region–and are quite ugly too. Scientists suspect that global warming may be drawing these unphotogenic fish to the region.

Although the study, conducted by the Natural History Museum of Denmark in the waters near Greenland, found 10 new species previously unclassified, many of the other fish appear to have recently moved to the area from elsewhere. According to the National Geographic, human activity and changes to their normal habitats may be what’s driving them north.

Rising ocean temperatures due to global warming–which could be drawing unfamiliar fishes to the region–and increased deep-sea fishing may be responsible for the spike in fresh fish faces seen off Greenland.”

Strange new fish discovered near Greenland”  h/t Larry Tomasson


2 Responses to “AGW "draws ugly fish to Greenland"”

  1. Dan Pangburn Says:

    Since the planet is starting a major cooldown, the ugly fish may go away.
    Climate change is natural. Belief in human caused global warming is a mistake. Average global temperatures for at least 114 years and counting have been accurately calculated (coefficient of determination, R2 = 0.86). There was no need whatsoever to include the effects of change to the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gas. See how and eye-opening graphics at

  2. brodie Says:

    Oh my goodness. There are so many holes in this story that it makes me sad. I am sad for all the people who frequent sites like treehugger and get fed this crap.

    Do you think they accidentally left this sentence in:

    “Species, like this Iceland catshark, have been discovered due to an increase in deep-sea fishing around Greenland.”

    Which is it? An increase in fishing or Global Warming.

    What about this one:

    “Double-baited anglerfish was discovered at a depth of 4,685 feet in Greenland, where the waters “are still almost completely unstudied.”

    So the waters are unstudied but now that you study them you find new fish. Is this because of global warming? Also 4,685 feet is a curious depth. Do they realize that the deep isothermal layer is 3680 feet? I can’t see how global warming has done anything to the waters at that depth.

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