Say what Mr. Secretary?!

Obama’s transportation secretary is seriously out of touch with the American people.  Americans don’t want more “bicycle lanes, walking paths, and transit”.  They want more roads and more lanes on existing roads:

“Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Friday that Americans are “tired” of motorized transportation and its attendant hassles, and instead are looking for other options such as bicycle lanes and walking paths, which the government will add to its infrastructure.

“People are sick of being stuck in traffic, stuck in their automobiles, and we want to help communities and neighborhoods that want more walking paths or biking paths—more transit,” LaHood told”  “Americans Sick and Tired of Motorized Transportation, Transportation Secretary Says

“From Sonoma to San Jose, the Bay Area’s 28 mass transit systems are bleeding money and riders at a rate that will require a projected bailout of about $1 billion a year for the next 25 years, according to a new report by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Ballooning costs, coupled with a shrinking ridership and vanishing tax revenue, have led to a vicious circle of fare hikes and service cuts that chase away even more patrons – and lead to more deficits.

“It is a road to ruin,” said the transportation commission’s executive director, Steve Heminger.”  “Costs put transit agencies on ‘road to ruin’


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