Obama increases already unrealistic and unnecessary CAFE standards AGAIN

“President Barack Obama today issued a memorandum directing federal agencies to develop tougher new fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks beginning in the 2017 model year and to develop fuel economy standards for medium and big trucks for the first time. This follows the new standards announced in April that will begin with the 2012 model year.  It’s not clear to me that consumers are going to want to buy the models that the Congress and the Obama Administration have decreed will be offered in 2012, but the automakers are now resigned to taking orders from their federal masters rather than their customers. My prediction is that another massive bailout of the automakers is inevitable.”  “Obama Wants To Raise CAFE Again”  Cooler Heads Digest 21 May.


One Response to “Obama increases already unrealistic and unnecessary CAFE standards AGAIN”

  1. Bob Cherba Says:

    An auto exec was being interviewed by a scientifically challenged reporter. The exec was asked why we don’t have any 75 mpg vehicles — to which the exec replied that we do. We call them motorcycles.

    Obama is touted as being the smartest president in history, but it seems to me that he and his scientific advisors are off in la la land when it come to the application of science to the real world — from climate science to solar/wind power to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

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