New Mexico follows California over the cliff

“On the same day Californians went to the polls to vote on Proposition 23 … regulators in New Mexico approved a set of comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions reduction regulations that are more aggressive than any other such rules in the country.

In a 4-3 vote, the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) approved two sets of proposed global warming regulations:  the first establishes rules for Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Verification and the other deals more specifically with Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade regulations.  …

The rules will require about 63 facilities, primarily fossil fuel-fired power plants and oil and gas operations, that emit more than 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases annually to start cutting emissions by 2 percent per year below 2010 levels, beginning in 2012.  …

But even though New Mexico has now established these regulatory standards in readying for involvement in the Western Climate Initiative, there may still be some political wrangling remaining —  just as the EIB was issuing approval of the proposed greenhouse gas rules, New Mexico voters were turning out to cast a vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate and global warming skeptic, Susana Martinez.

Martinez, who claimed victory as the next Governor of New Mexico late on Tuesday night, does not exactly put climate and clean energy at the top of her legislative agenda, telling Politico in August that she had her doubts about the human causes of global warming.

“I’m not sure the science completely supports that,” she said.”  “New Mexico quietly adopts country’s most comprehensive greenhouse gas rules”  h/t The Reference Frame


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