Industry mad as hell and not going to take it anymore

Figure 1, taken from the DBCCA report, shows the number of climate change lawsuits brought each year, divided into categories. The big jump in 2010 is obvious. While the filings have been dominated by activists groups in prior years, the tables were turned this year as industry groups have responded with their own lawsuits—mostly against the EPA and its subsequent rulemaking.

Figure 1. Climate litigation with time (through October 8, 2010) (taken from the DBCCA report).

And this is probably just the beginning of lawsuits against the EPA. As the DBCCA report puts it:

Every further move taken by the EPA is likely to be challenged in court by industry.

Post-Election, Post-Cap-and-Trade: Obama Clings to an Anti-CO2 Agenda”  See also Cooler Heads.


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