Blast from the past — 2005

Climate change is a bigger threat to elephants, tigers and the rhinoceroses than poaching, a wildlife expert says.

Dr Richard Leakey told BBC News global warming … could make the animals extinct.  …

And the former director of Kenya’s wildlife service believes concerted action is needed within five years.  …

“We can spend money trying to stop poaching, but there’s no point in doing that if the stuff in there [protected areas such as national parks] is going anyway,” he told the BBC News website.

“If the concern is symbolic species, there may well be a bigger threat from climate change than from utilisation and poaching.”  …

“Protected areas are now islands,” said Dr Leakey.  …

“And if there’s significant climate change, as is predicted [by AGW climate models], what’s going to happen to these areas?

“Paleontologically, island faunas become extinct.”  …

He will attempt to convince representatives of bodies such as the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep) that they should set up a new fund of around $100m to research the issue, and find ways of protecting wildlife from climate change.  …

I think we may well be looking at a mass extinction …””  “Climate fear for African elephant


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