The price of going green in Ontario, part 2

[Follow up to yesterday’s post:]

“[Ontario Finance Minister Dwight] Duncan’s new electricity plans are riddled with contradictions. He claims that the government’s new long-term electricity plan will lead to “stable and predictable pricing.” Yet, in his own statement, he admits that: “Over the next five years, however, residential electricity prices are expected to rise by 46%”  …

One glimmer of truthfulness in the Economic Statement is the admission that renewable power generation is the main driver for the rate increases.  …

Applying the government’s estimates, by 2015 the cost of sole-sourced green energy contracts above the market value of the power will exceed $4-billion per year.  …

[Ontario Premier Dalton] McGuinty’s Green Energy Act, passed last year, erased more than a century of electricity policy consensus based on the idea that the purpose of the power system, irrespective of policy instruments used, was to serve consumers. Now the purpose of the power system is to achieve green economic and social transformation.  …

McGuinty claimed his electricity policies, enshrined in the Green Energy Act, would benefit future generations. Although our bills are skyrocketing, Duncan has signed an additional blank cheque payable by our kids to fund irresponsible green initiatives. Duncan has polluted the power system with unprecedented political meddling and created a whole new class of taxpayer liability.”  “Tom Adams: Ontario’s shell game hides green costs


3 Responses to “The price of going green in Ontario, part 2”

  1. archaeopteryx Says:

    Al Gore is in Athens preaching Climatoinvestology. The crowd is less gullible than during his first visit

  2. Mystery Meat Says:

    If it saves one polar bear, it’s worth it. Mother Gaia is happy. If I know Canadians, they probably would have spend the extra four billion on beer, anyway.

  3. sgeos Says:

    Whenever politicians talk about “the children” (and future generations to a lesser extent), you can pretty sure they are up to something so insidious that it has no chance of being accepted by its merits. “Don’t pay attention to the mess I’m making… instead, pay attention to an imaginary future that will never come.” If you don’t think this coerced green energy thing is a good idea, clearly you are not in a position to sell enough solar panels (or equivalent).

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