UN's REDD enables Indonesia to collect $1B to clear cut rain forests and plant palm oil trees

“Vague legal definitions [of “forest” and “degraded land” in UN’s REDD] may allow Indonesia to class forests as ‘degraded’ and ‘rehabilitate’ the land with palm trees and biofuel crops.

Indonesia plans to class large areas of its remaining natural forests as “degraded” land in order to cut them down and receive nearly $1bn of climate aid for replanting them with palm trees and biofuel crops, according to Greenpeace International.

According to internal government documents from the forestry, agriculture and energy departments in Jakarta, the areas of land earmarked for industrial plantation expansion in the next 20 years include 37m ha of existing natural forest – 50% of the country’s orangutan habitat and 80% of its carbon-rich peatland. More than 60m ha – an area nearly five times the size of England – could be converted to palm oil and biofuel production in the next 20 years, say the papers.”  “Indonesia eyeing $1bn climate aid to cut down forests, says Greenpeace


2 Responses to “UN's REDD enables Indonesia to collect $1B to clear cut rain forests and plant palm oil trees”

  1. sgeos Says:

    Clearly switching biofuel is a good thing. When food prices go up as a result of alternative uses for food, there is no way land will be repurposed to… prevent people from starving. Right? The silly people using fossil fuels (who are not in a position to make big money from biofuels) have absolutely no idea how important biofuel is for all of humanity!

  2. jblethen Says:

    Biofuels are a complete waste of time, effort, and money because: (1) more CO2 in the atmosphere is not a problem, it is a benefit; (2) even if you believe the AGW nonsense, biofuels cause more CO2 to be emitted during their lifecycle than fossil fuels; (3) biofuels take more energy to produce than they yield; (4) biofuels take farmland out of food production, raising food prices; and (5) biofuels lead to destruction of natural rainforests, as the post relates.

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