Insanity accelerating in California

“Beginning in January the $183 billion fuel industry in California will need to begin adhering to CARB’s [California Air Resources Board] Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which has a goal of reducing the carbon level in transportation fuel by 10 percent by 2020.  …

Several studies on the impact of a nation-wide LCFS … predict that just about everyone will suffer as a result.

“Adoption of a nationwide LCFS will result in a price shock that will dramatically increase the cost of transportation to consumers and have long-term effects on the economy by increasing transportation costs for all goods,” concludes a study released in June by Charles River Associates. “The price shock – about a 30 to 80 percent increase in the cost of transportation fuels within five years of the time the LCFS is implemented – is caused by the large increase in production of low-carbon fuels required to achieve the reductions in emissions required by the standard.  …”

The potential cost per household ranges from $570 to $6,500 annually, and the price of gasoline would increase 61 cents per gallon, according to two  studies on the nationwide LCFS impacts conducted last year by the George C. Marshall Institute.”  “CARB set to boost CA gas prices


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