Supremes have a chance to restore some sanity

After its infamous ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA in 2007, where the court erroneously decided 5 to 4 that carbon dioxide was a “pollutant” subject to regulation by the EPA, leading to EPA’s disastrous economy-strangling greenhouse gas regulations, the Supreme Court now has a chance to rehabilitate itself somewhat by dismissing the insane “global warming” lawsuits brought by states against power companies:

“The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a power industry appeal of a ruling that allowed eight states and other plaintiffs to proceed with greenhouse-gas lawsuits against several utility companies.

The plaintiffs argued the utility companies, which operate facilities in 21 states, are a public nuisance because their carbon-dioxide emissions contribute to global warming. They asked the courts to require the companies to cap and then reduce their emissions.

A New York federal judge ruled in 2005 that the plaintiffs could not proceed with the lawsuits because they raised political questions that could not be resolved by the courts. But the 2nd U.S. Circuit of Appeals ruled last year that the case could go forward.

The Supreme Court will review that ruling.  …

The case is American Electric Power Co. v. Connecticut, 10-174.

Oral argument will likely take place in the spring, with a decision expected by July.”  “Global Warming Case Goes to High Court


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