EPA out to destroy U.S. coal-fired power industry

Doesn’t EPA understand that if it shuts down coal use in the U.S., U.S coal and jobs will be exported to China and other developing countries which will burn the coal without regulation?

“Environmental Protection Agency regulations may result in over 50,000 megawatts of coal power plant retirements and up to $180 billion in compliance costs for remaining plants, consulting firm The Brattle Group said in a report.

Emerging EPA regulations could force coal plant operators to decide between retiring plants or installing expensive emission control equipment … Brattle economists Metin Celebi and Frank Graves said in the report released Wednesday.

Before even considering the potential effect of possible government efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to combat global warming, the report estimated 40,000 MW to 55,000 MW of coal capacity could retire if the EPA mandates further reductions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulates, mercury and other … emissions by 2015.  …

For the units that would not retire, Brattle said energy companies will have to invest between $100 billion and $180 billion to comply with the EPA’s potential mandates to install emissions control equipment …”  “EPA Regulations May Shut 50,000 MW Of Coal Plants: Brattle


2 Responses to “EPA out to destroy U.S. coal-fired power industry”

  1. lad Says:

    Don’t worry, the British have got it all figured out. Once the EPA shuts down your coal plants and you live in ‘energy poverty’, you just ride buses all day to stay warm. Wind turbines and solar panels will not keep your heat on. How much longer can green ideology rule over engineering science?

  2. archaeopteryx Says:

    I have had a hypothesis (for Europe) which seems to be getting confirmed, by developments and money flows: The Green Craze is driven by Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Vestas and Veolia. They sell hardware and software. They are in some sort of cooperation with major Northern European utilities that conveniently have nuclear and hydro. They have introduced a Europe-wide tax, which forces poorer countries (like mine) to buy German, Swedish and French gadgets galore. The Northern utilities also buy into Southern wind farms (free land) and get the carbon credits (while the feed-in-tariff is paid by the local Southerners). End result: Money flow from the South to the North, and manufacturing employment in Germany.

    From the little I have been gathering on the US, Siemens and crowd are monopolizing “solutions” involving trains, smart grids, wind generators and other Green paraphrenalia. I cannot prove it, but it seems that the Greens thrive under Democratic administrations. It is also coincidental that Siemens and other German and French companies have been bribing their way through my quasi bankrupt country. There are many ways to bribe, other than cash in an envelope.

    I would take my theory a step further: Green weakens the US just like “give peace a chance” slogans in the 60’s and 70’s”. Nothing like a little do-good propaganda for the masses with convenient partisan and business arrangements to weaken a nation.

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