EPA to treat biomass same as fossil fuels

[Update 1/12/2011: EPA has now changed it’s mind and will defer the issue for three years.]

Considering that biomass fuels generate more life-cycle CO2 emissions than fossil fuels (not that it matters), EPA will correctly subject them to its destructive greenhouse gas regulations:

“The burning of biomass generates more electricity in the U.S. than wind, solar and geothermal energy combined, but a new regulation scheduled for implementation January 2, 2011 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may discourage new biomass projects, including those proposing to convert from coal to biomass.

Although the environmental neutrality of burning biomass as a fuel has long been acknowledged by the EPA, biomass will be treated the same as fossil fuels when new greenhouse gas permitting regulations come into play in the New Year.  …

Greenhouse gas regulations and permitting would be a strike against using biomass, [Duke Energy Corp.] has said.

Another power company, The Southern Company … which is considering nuclear, biomass and natural gas to displace coal from several of its generation plants, has said the EPA’s regulation “could kill biomass in its tracks.”  …

Although this may be hard to believe, the EPA explains it all as a bureaucratic Catch 22.  …

“We are mindful of the role that biomass or biogenic fuels and feedstocks could play in reducing anthropogenic GHG emissions, and we do not dispute … that many state, federal, and international rules and policies treat biogenic (biomass) and fossil sources of CO2 emissions differently,” says the EPA.

“Nevertheless, that … does not provide sufficient basis to exclude emissions of CO2 from biogenic sources in determining permitting applicability provisions at this time,” explains the EPA.”  “New EPA Regulation May Discourage U.S. Biomass Projects


One Response to “EPA to treat biomass same as fossil fuels”

  1. Crack Monkey Says:

    Soon the EPA will determine that animals and Humans creating CO2 as a product of respiration is harmful to the planet and will put regulations on how many breaths one may draw per year. The EPA has become the most idiotic agency liberals could devise. The FACT that plant life depends on CO2 for existence seems to have escaped their minds.

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