Talk about denial!

“Recent trends in the public’s understanding of climate change have diverged from the broad, and well-documented consensus held by scientists. While the level of consensus regarding climate change among scientists is very high, the public remains deeply divided. Furthermore, a large percentage of the general public perceives that a serious debate exists within the science community on the basic theory of anthropogenic climate change. This disconnect between the scientific community and the general public should motivate scientists to take a more active role in public outreach.”  “An Emerging Ethic of Responsibility: A Case Study for Engaging the Public


One Response to “Talk about denial!”

  1. Charles Higley Says:

    THERE IS NO “broad, and well-documented consensus held by scientists.”

    THIS IS A LIE! Furthermore, science is not done by consensus. Science is done by validation and verification.

    There is not a piece of defensible science behind the claim of manmade global warming! Their assumptions are false and arbitrary, chosen or created only on the basis of creating a crisis around CO2.

    The disconnect here is that our politicians do not have enough science knowledge to be able to detect BS when they smell it.

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